Crysalis uses the finest products available to provide outstanding colour. To maintain your excellent results, it’s important that you treat your hair with care. Crysalis cannot guarantee lasting results if you use unsuitable hair products or swim regularly. 


In consideration of our other clients and our stylists, we require 24 hours notice of cancellation or rescheduling. Cancellation within 24 hours or No-shows will be required to pay a 50% surcharge for the appointment cancelled. . All new clients are required to pay a non-refundable deposit upon booking. All No-shows will be required to pay deposits for all future appointments. Crysalis reserves the right to cancel unconfirmed appointments. Booked services cannot be cancelled on arrival of visit.


Our prices reflect the extensive experience of our team and our continual commitment to training and education. All prices include GST and are subject to variation without notice. 


All salon services will incur a $2 sustainable salons fee. Please note that we do not profit from this fee financially. This fee helps us to reduce our environmental footprint and minimise waste. All of our hair clippings are donated to community garden projects, all foils and colour tubes and tins are collected for recycling and peroxides, dyes and tints are also collected and disposed of responsibly. 100% of all proceeds gained from recycling salon waste through Sustainable Salons is donated to charitable organisations. To find out more about Sustainable Salons Australia please visit


As a courtesy to other salon guests and in our efforts to offer a relaxing and professional atmosphere, we kindly request only those receiving services be present in the service areas. Children capable of sitting quietly and unsupervised may wait in the provided seating area. While this policy helps ensure all guests enjoy a relaxing salon experience, it was also created with your child’s safety in mind.

It’s our aim for you to be absolutely in love with your Crysalis experience! If you have any concerns about your hair service, please give us a call (ideally within one week of your appointment) on 4929 4030.